Bust up!

In this case, size really does not matter. Small breasts can be just as seductive and sensual as large. In both cases, the importance of proper care and use of special amenities. Skin chest and neck should be firm and well hydrated. Otherwise it will not have the strength to sustain its burden.

It should also strengthen the back muscles and stretch the chest. This means that even a small bust gain in volume, because it will be better emphasized.

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Daily care
The skin of the breasts is very delicate and thin, like skin and neck. “There is little subcutaneous tissue that supports the skin and is responsible for its firmness” – says Marcin Ambroziak, a dermatologist from the Department of Estederm Ambroziak. “Therefore, to the skin in these areas of the body was in good shape, it requires intensive and, above all, regular care” – adds Dr. Ambroziak. Choose cosmetics designed specifically for breast, because contain ingredients that can not only moisturize, but also firm and tensioning work.

1. Daily use of serum and cream.

  •     Cosmetics Apply twice a day – morning and evening. First distribute the serum, and then apply a layer of cream or lotion.
  •     If they only have a moisturizing effect, Apply it to the entire breast, including the nipple.
  •     If they choose cosmetics that contain a large amount of active ingredients, better avoid warts, because they can become irritated.
  •     When applying cosmetics do a gentle massage. The simplest is to carry around the chest movements resembling a horizontal figure eight. You can also little cream massaged in a circular motion around the breast, seizing it from the armpit to the center to the top.

These simple tricks improve the firmness of the skin and its blood supply, making cosmetics better absorbed.

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 2. Twice a week, use a mask
“For her performance was more effective, you can cover it with a layer of foil food. Thanks to this formulation will be absorbed better and achieve better results firming bust” – advises Maria End, cosmetologist.

3. Strengthen the effects of cosmetics.
Every day, take a moment to gentle massage combined with peeling. “Apply the cleaner with a soft little shower gel particles containing Scrub. Circular motion massage the entire chest. In this way will improve blood circulation and lymph udrożnisz, and besides, as prepared skin will better absorb the active ingredients creams” – explains Maria End. “I also recommend alternating hot and cold baths, which act firming” – he added. During the shower pour hot body once, once with cold water. Direct the stream of water from the bottom of the breast upwards and then sideways, thus treats or massage the modeling.

4. Radical changes
If you are very unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, you can get rid of the complexes. Contemporary aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery offer many ways in which adjustments may be made not only to the size and shape of the breasts, but also the appearance of the nipples.

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