Baiden Mitten Review

Baiden Mitten Reviews

Honestly, I dont know how you can go wrong purchasing and using Baiden Mitten.

I am nearly 40 and love mine. I bought one for my mother- she loves hers.

By making a concentrated effort to use the Baiden Mitten consistently (I hang mine in my shower to dry—and the visual of it is a nice reminder each time Im there)you really will make a difference in your skin.

I am a “reforming” sun worshipper — who still lives and plays in FL. I had dark sun spots on my face, and most noticably on my chest. I also have surgery scars. All of these have lightened, softened or (dark brown spots) disappeared due to my use of the Baiden Mitten. And I have the most even tan of my life…and its more of a healthy glow; not freckled orange mess.

I love this mitten!

Baiden Mitten Review


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